We are makers of luxurious fudges, caramel sauces, and decadent desserts, based on the beautiful South Wales coast. Each batch of our delicious confectionery is carefully handcrafted to achieve our signature taste; all of our sweet treats are made in small batches to ensure top quality results, giving us a collection of products we are truly proud of.

We like to keep things local, and credit artisan Welsh ingredients for giving Fwdge products their distinctive and rich flavours. Try our Sea Salt Caramel sauce made with Welsh butter, or our smooth Salted Cocoa Caramel made using locally sourced Welsh cream. All of the ingredients that we use are hand selected to create confectionery with a unique texture and a perfect blend of flavours, giving Fwdge's customers a sensational tasting experience. 

Fwdge is also committed to being an environmentally conscious business. We source 100% recycled packaging for many of our prepackaged products, and all of our street food desserts are served in responsibly sourced compostable cardboard trays. During the production of our sweet treats every effort is made to employ sustainable techniques, from sourcing ingredients locally, to posting our products in eco-friendly boxes.